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Successive Goods Results for Huatech High Voltage Products

time 2016-03-17
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July 6, 2015, Xiamen. In the face of serious market environment challenges, Huatech people battled bravely and have made excellent achievements in high-voltage products in the first half of the year by dint of its outstanding products and good reputation! Recently, Huatech mainly provided high-quality and reliable power transmission and distribution equipment for key clients in the sectors of the state grid, airport hubs, data centers, rail transportation and high-tech development zones, thereby guaranteeing the reliable power supply for these key clients.

State Grid Corporation of China, as a key state-owned backbone enterprise having a bearing on national energy security and national economy, takes the building and operation of power grid as its core business, and undertakes the basic mission of guaranteeing safer, more economical, cleaner, and sustainable power supply. State Grid Corporation is the world’s largest utilities company, and its operations cover 88% of the land area in 26 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the State Council), and serves over 1.1 billion people. In April, under the centralized bidding for second batch of 110 (66) kV composite electrical apparatus for the 2015 power transformation project by State Grid Corporation, Huatech became the successful bidder for a total of 20 pieces of GFM high voltage composite electrical equipment at an interval of 126kV for power transformation project for the Western District and Xingxi power transformation project of State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Company. Huatech has been committed to providing the State Grid with a wealth of high-quality power transmission and distribution equipment products, and contributes to the construction of sturdy, smart grid for the State Grid.

After decades of construction and development, the number of airports in China gradually increased, with greater airport service capabilities and modernization. The hub airports are mainly located in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Guangzhou Baiyun international Airport, as one of China’s three major hub airports, has opened 123 domestic and international scheduled flights, including 86 domestic routes, 50 international and regional routes. Over 500 flights take off and land at the airport each day. In April this year, Huatech became the successful bidder for the expansion project 110kV Airport North Station at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. This project requires eleven 126kV GFM high-voltage composite electrical equipment products, guaranteeing the safe and reliable power supply for Guangzhou Baiyun Airport.

The Chinese Government has consistently attached great importance to the construction of data centers. Guizhou Province seizes the opportunity and takes advantage of advantages such as good local ecological environment and cool climate to develop the big data industry, and achieved certain results. Guiyang City, as the backbone of the development of large data industry in Guizhou Province, is at the forefront of provincial capitals in China in terms of growth speed. Following the successive settlement of data centers of basic telecom operators such as China Mobile, China Unicom (Guizhou) data center in the national cluster district for development of big data industry in Gui’an New Area, Guizhou Province, and blueprint for the big data industry in Guizhou Province has been unveiled. Data center, as an important carrier of the IT application sector, provides support for the information data storage and information system operation platform and is the key resource for promoting the development of new-generation information technology industry. Therefore, the data center has exceedingly high demands for power supply reliability. In May this year Huatech won the bid for the new project for 110kV substation for China Mobile (Guizhou) data center and 110kV Unicom substation project in Gui’an New District, providing a total of thirty-two 126kV GFM high-voltage composite electrical equipment products, providing strong power supply support for the data centers of two key communications enterprises.

With economic growth and urbanization process in various cities, property investment in transportation sector in China’s major cities will continue its growth momentum. As an effective method of boosting the passenger traffic capacity and easing urban traffic pressure and environmental pollution and a slew of other issues, the subway faces good prospects for development. Changchun is China’s first city with the subway planning (in 1939), and become the fifth city to possess rail transit (in 2002) after the founding of New China. In the future, Changchun plans 18 lines for rail rapid transit, consisting of two light rail lines, eight subway lines, one raid rail line, and seven lines for tramcar. In early June this year, Huatech won the bid for new engineering project for 66kV substation at Jiefang Road for Changchun No. 1 subway line, providing seven 126kV GFM high-voltage composite electrical equipment products, and offering strong power supply guarantee for the reliable operation of Changchun hub subway.

Xiamen Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, co-founded by the State Scientific and Technological Commission and Xiamen Municipal People’s Government in December 1990 and approved as one of the first state-level high-tech zones by the State Council in March 1991, is one of the four national high-tech zones in China bearing the name “torch”. Xiamen Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone implements the “one zone and multiple parks” development strategy and develops 10 parks inside and outside Xiamen Island, forming the four leading industries (photoelectric, computer and communication equipment, power transmission & distribution and control equipment, and software) and the five special industries (marine and life science, cultural and creative, new materials, new energy, and e-commerce), thereby becoming the powerful driving force for the industrial economy in Xiamen. At the end of this June, Huatech won the bid for Xiang’an 110kV switching station project in Xiamen Torch Park. As the first 110kV switching station in Fujian Province, it generates electricity for users inside Xiang’an high-tech park of Xiamen Torch Park. Huatech will provide twenty-four 126kV GFM high-voltage composite electrical equipment products, offering safe and reliable power supply guaranteeing for the users inside the Park.

“Technological innovation leading the trend” is the consistent idea held by Xiamen Huatech Switchgear Co., Ltd. Huatech will, as always, provide clients with high-quality, reliable and safe power transmission and distribution equipment, and make due contributions to the reliable operation of the grid!